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Tackle Health Misinformation at Scale with Logically Healtht.

Logically Health

Logically Health provides cutting edge AI-powered solutions to fight damaging misinformation and disinformation at scale for Healthcare.

Our technology and fact checking services help healthcare providers, public health administrators and media to identify and mitigate the spread of misinformation and deliberate disinformation.


The internet has made health information faster, easier and more available than ever. However, as the COVID-19 crisis has demonstrated, this comes at a cost of large scale health misinformation problems, which can result in poor outcomes for patients and society at large.

At Logically Health, we provide personalized solutions for healthcare and pharmaceutical enterprises, public health administrators and media to combat misinformation at scale. Our experts help plan effective countermeasures that are most relevant to specific scenarios.

Logically Health Technical Solutions

Logically Intelligence for Health

Logically intelligence (LI) is a real-time threat intelligence platform that helps users stay ahead of damaging online narratives.

LI enables users to identify, analyse and mitigate the spread of misinformation and disinformation to avoid a negative impact on organisational growth and reputation.

Our onboarding and domain specialists work closely with leaders in healthcare organisations to personalize real-time actionable intelligence that is most relevant to specific organisations.


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How does it work?


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Data from online media and social media platforms across the web - over a million media sources and all public posts on major social media platforms


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Filters data according to your monitoring requirements and applies Logically's deep analysis of language, source and narratives to detect threats


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Ensures your ratio of mentions to threats is as optimised as it can be. We work with you to identify monitoring requirements and present all the content and analysis that you need in order to stay ahead of all kinds of threats


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You and your team have the tools to analyse, explore and counteract threats to fight the impact of misinformation and disinformation early


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Escalate threats for further analysis by our specialist investigations team

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AI-assisted fact-checking

Our fact-checking as a service (FCAAS) offering allows public health administrators, health ministries and healthcare content networks to focus on evidence-based public health communication and protect public safety while we verify any claims and images that they might find questionable.

Our automated research assistant, and one of the world's largest dedicated teams of fact-checkers, is at your service, including during crises, to support topic and event-driven fact-checking.



Coming Soon to Logically Health

Healthcare Misinformation Certification Programme

We will soon launch a programme that provides training on how to deal with the misinformation around healthcare that you will encounter as a health professional. Register your interest today to get an introductory offer.

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Healthcare Professionals Alliance for Combatting Misinformation in the Health Industry.

We’re bringing together health experts and thought leaders passionate about tackling healthcare misinformation in India. We’re building a platform to provide healthcare professionals with the ability to work together to tackle common problems impacting their industry. Register your interest today with a chance to be a founding member.

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Fact-Checking Health Misinformation in India

Our Logically Health team actively monitors misinformation spreading across India actively fact-checking claims being made online. Below is a selection of our fact checks.

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