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The Indiana Bell building was moved at a speed of 15 inches per hour while 600 employees remained inside.

In 1930, the building of the Indiana Bell Telephone Company rotated 90 degrees and then was moved.

In 1930, the building of Indiana Bell telephone company was made to rotate 90 degrees while 600 employees were still inside. Reportedly, no one felt the movement. After purchasing the Central Union Telephone Company in 1929, the Indiana Bell company planned to build a new headquarters by demolishing the old telephone company building. Later, architect Kurt Vonnegut Sr. decided to extend the old building. Between October and November 1930, the Central Union Telephone Company building rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise. The building was moved almost 52 feet south towards North Meridian Street. The construction workers completed the process using a concrete mat and hydraulic jacks and rollers. Nearly 600 employees were working insider the building during the shifting process. The process created no hindrance to the gas, heat, electricity, or water services. The development took less than a month. In 1963, the company demolished the building.

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