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Students to be taught Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Ramsetu at Madhya Pradesh Colleges.

Under the New Education Policy 2020, the Mahabharata, Ramsetu, and Ramcharitmanas will be included in Madhya Pradesh's new graduate course curriculum.

Tulsidas' "Ramcharitmanas" will be part of the Madhya Pradesh undergraduate curriculum under the New Education Policy 2020. Engineering students will be required to learn about Ramsetu, which many consider as a feat of engineering. Students in the medical stream will have the option of studying medicine in Hindi.

On Twitter, the Higher Education Department, Madhya Pradesh, has also posted a paper clipping that states that the government has included Ramacharitmanas as one of the optional courses for the undergraduate students in philosophy along with miraculous engineering of the Ram Setu and the ideals of Ram Rajya. The Applied Philosophy of Ramcharitmanas has been included as an optional subject with 100 marks paper in philosophy.

"Ramcharit Manas Ke Vyavharik Darshan" (Applied philosophy of Ramcharitamanas) was recommended by the syllabus committee for higher education as an elective course for the first year of Bachelor of Arts (BA) from this academic year (2021-22) reports NDTV.

Hindustan Times reports that there are 24 optional subjects in addition to Ramcharitmanas, including ones on Madhya Pradesh's Urdu music and the Urdu language. The prelude to the Mahabharata by C Rajagopalchari will be taught to first-year students in the English foundation course.

In addition to English and Hindi, Yoga and meditation have been added as the third foundation course, which incorporates ''Om Dhyan'' and mantra recitation as part of the curriculum, according to authorities from the state education department. Madhya Pradesh's higher education minister Mohan Yadav claims these subjects and topics have been included to teach students about life values and "personality development."

The curriculum of the BJP-led state administration was criticized by Congress politicians, who said that education in the state was becoming more saffronized. "We don't have any problem with the teaching of Mahabharata, Geeta and Ramcharitmans, but they should also include Bible, Quran and Guru Granth Sahib in the syllabus to develop communal harmony among students. But they won't do so, because it doesn't suit their ideology," said Congress leader P.C. Sharma, according to the Hindustan Times.

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