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There are repercussions for recruits who decide to quit People's Liberation Army.

People's Liberal Army (PLA) blacklists and restricts the rights of the soldiers who quit the army.

The Chinese government imposes stringent penalties on youth who either deny to serve in the military or quit from service. Some of the restrictions last their entire lifetime. People's Liberal Army blacklists them, which affects their ability to buy real estate, travel aboard, work as a government official. A limitation is imposed on their travel rights, like booking planes, high-class trains, and book star-rated hotels.

Some people cannot re-enter colleges for two-years. The information on their 'military service status' would read as 'rejection of military service' which would cancel their preferential treatment. A fine of RMB 54,000 yuan is imposed on them, and they are forbidden from doing business for two years. These punishments are published to society via networks, television, newspapers, and social media. In December 2019, a young man named Zhang was punished, and it was published on the official English news of the People's Liberal Army.

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