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Kamala Harris wants to legalize prostitution.

Kamala Harris has voiced support for decriminalizing sex work, but her voting record on the issue does not support that.

The Democratic Vice President nominee, Kamala Harris, declared her support for decriminalizing sex work. Her new position and support for decriminalizing sex work have been criticized because it differs from her previous stance on the issue. In 2008, she argued that the proposition of decriminalizing sex workers was completely ridiculous.

As the attorney general of California and Senator, Harris failed to investigate a group of police officers who trafficked a young sex worker. As a senator, she supported the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act, which, according to sex trafficking survivors and sex workers, would do more harm than good to them. Therefore, even though it is true that Kamala Harris has since changed her stance and declared her support for decriminalizing sex work, her actions in the past suggest otherwise.

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