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Brucellosis bacteria cause infertility in human male.

Infertility problems may develop in some severely infected patients by the Brucellosis virus.

Brucellosis, also known as the Mediterranean or Malta fever, is often caused by contact with livestock carrying the bacteria. Humans are often infected due to direct animal contact or ingestion of contaminated dairy products. The disease persists in many parts of the world. The human disease is usually present as an acute febrile illness that may continue and progress with severe complications affecting any organ system.

A review of male patients with Brucellosis showed specific findings related to the involved organ system. They showed the most common complaints associated with Brucellosis like fever, sweating, arthritis, scrotal pain/swelling, etc. Another prospective study showed that Epididymoorchitis was detected in 12.7% of male patients, which concluded that infertility problems might develop in those patients.

However, there is no sufficient proof to say that bacteria will cause infertility problems in all men infected by the virus.

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