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Joe Biden has a body double.

There is no evidence that Joe Biden has a body double. Some of his subtle physical changes could be due to surgery or the aging process.

Social media users have been claiming that President Joe Biden has a body double that he used for certain public events during his 2020 presidential campaign. These claims are false.

According to Snopes, in late November 2020, a TikTok video that focused on Biden’s earlobes went viral. The voiceover to this video stated,

“OK, that’s a detached earlobe if I ever saw one. There’s clearly two Joe Bidens because when you see this one he has an earlobe that is detached. The other Joe Biden has an earlobe that is straight, it is attached. There’s something funky going on here.”

The person speaking over the video is implying that Biden has a body double. This body double, the speaker suggests, is identical to Biden except for the earlobes, and they often trade places with Biden during public events.

However, Snopes did not find this claim to be true. They stated that "advocating the Biden body double theory required ignoring the simple fact that Biden was aging like every other human (and, therefore, his appearance was changing), and the possibility that he had a medical issue that required facial surgery, or that he sought a face-lift for cosmetic reasons, altering at least one of his earlobes."

Some people have also claimed that Biden has a "clone". According to the Center for Genetics and Society, human reproductive cloning would produce a genetic copy of an existing person. There has not yet been human reproductive cloning, meaning that it is impossible for Biden to have a “clone” who stands in for him.

In October 2020, Reuters reported that after a CNBC interview of Biden, many people claimed that it was not Biden in the interview but actually a disguised body double, pointing to a “skin tone mismatch.” However, Reuters found that the alleged anomalies pointed out by people were products of the interview’s lighting, and thus concluded that Biden does not have a body double.

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