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Joe Biden once said he didn't want his kids to grow up in a "racial jungle" in regards to desegregation.

In the 1970s, former U.S Vice President Joe Biden was a vocal opponent of busing as a means for desegregating public schools.

Biden’s full quote can be found in the text of the 1977 hearing. The quote occurred during a debate on federal funding involving busing. In the year 1977 Joe Biden talked about busing policies and how unless it can do something about this, he told that his children will grow up in a jungle which will be a racial jungle with tensions having built so high that it will going to explode at some point. The quote in the claim that has been spreading online. Biden did not directly say he does not want his children to grow up in a jungle, a racial jungle.

While Biden claimed during that debate that his opposition was not to voluntary busing overall, but only to Department of Education mandated busing, Biden was one of the Senate’s advocates in opposition to court-ordered busing.

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