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A man was brutally assaulted by a Belagavi police in Karnataka, India.

A scene from the upcoming Kannada film "Hoysala" has been misidentified as a real incident.


A video of a police officer assaulting a man amid traffic in Karnataka's Belagavi district has gone viral on social media platforms. The clip reportedly emerged from Chennamma Circle in Belagavi and has generated severe backlash from the public, who have accused the local police force of brutality. However, the state police department has clarified that the video is from a movie shoot and the events are not real.

In Fact

By searching keywords such as "Belagavi police," "kicking," and using other relevant words in the Kannada language, we found a fact check published by the Karnataka state police department. The fact check clarifies that the video was captured during the shooting of an upcoming movie, "HOYSALA," at Rani Chennamma Circle in Belagavi. It added that the public has misinterpreted the movie clip and, thus, negatively portrayed the police department. It also urged people to refrain from sharing such videos.

Belgavi city police reiterate that the events in the video were staged for a movie, and no such incidents were reported in the city. Furthermore, we also found a YouTube video posted by the SVN channel on November 19, 2022. The caption read, "Daali Dhananjaya Hoysala Shooting in Belagavi.” An earlier report by the Times of India on July 5, 2022, included an exclusive interview with the Kannada actor Dhananjaya, who plays the lead role in the upcoming film, "HOYSALA." Talking to the reporter, he said, "This film is based entirely on my character, Gurudev Hoysala. The film is set mostly in Belagavi."

Several YouTube videos also emerged in early November 2022, showing people welcoming the actor in Belagavi for shooting. These instances further clarify that the shooting took place in the city, and the video in question is not from a real incident. 


The Verdict 

The Karnakata state police department issued a statement clarifying that the video was actually part of a shoot for the upcoming movie, "HOYSALA." Therefore, we have marked the claim as false.  

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