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Strep A is not lethal, and the recently reported deaths are actually due to COVID-19 vaccines.

Strep A can be deadly depending on which disease it causes. There is no evidence that it is being used to cover up deaths from COVID-19 vaccine.


Claims have been made on social media that reports of recent deaths of children in the U.K. from Strep A are a smokescreen used to cover up deaths from COVID-19 vaccines. The viral post says that the U.K. government has manufactured an artificial shortage of antibiotic supplies to cover up COVID vaccine deaths. It is also claimed that strep A is not deadly and is easily cured with antibiotics, and therefore the deaths could not have been due to Strep A. The claims surfaced on TikTok, Facebook, and Telegram.

In Fact

Strep A refers to Group A Streptococcus, a type of bacteria that can cause different kinds of diseases. The bacteria normally infects the throat, skin, or anogenital tract. Infections caused by Strep A include tonsillitis, pharyngitis, and scarlet fever, among others, with long-term infection causing more serious conditions and symptoms. These conditions can be deadly. Strep A can be treated with antibiotics, depending on how it develops.

Currently, according to the U.K. Health Security Agency (UKHSA), recent cases of Strep A infections have developed into scarlet fever, which is easily treated with antibiotics. As of December 8, there were 6,601 reported cases. However, in rare cases, the bacteria causing scarlet fever can enter the bloodstream and cause a serious illness called Invasive Group A Streptococcus. (iGAS). The data shows a disproportionally high number of iGAS cases in children, but the condition remains uncommon. There is no evidence of a new strain of Group A Streptococcus, which is still best treated with antibiotics. At the time of writing, there have been 60 deaths from iGAS in the U.K. across all age groups this winter season.

No evidence suggests that the recent Strep A deaths are being used to cover up supposed deaths from the COVID-19 vaccine. Instead, this is a common theme repeated by anti-vaccination groups to claim that unexplained deaths are related to COVID-19 vaccines, such as those caused by blood clots and ALS.


Strep A can be deadly as it can lead to various symptoms and conditions depending on the variety of bacterial infection and how it develops. There is no evidence that the recent deaths were related to COVID-19 vaccines.

The recent increase in deaths from Strep A has led conspiracy groups to believe that the unavailability of penicillin is a smokescreen manufactured to cover up deaths caused by the COVID-19 vaccine. They also claim that Strep A is a mild disease easily cured with antibiotics. Therefore, we have marked this claim as false.

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