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A factory owned by Bill Gates that produced synthetic lab-grown meat was burned down in the Netherlands.

Bill Gates is not a majority shareholder in the Dutch company. The building destroyed in the fire was used for delivery services.


After a fire broke out at a store called Picnic in the eastern Netherlands, a video of the incident began circulating on the internet. Many claimed that the factory belonged to Bill Gates and was used to produce lab-grown synthetic meat.

Dutch farmers have been protesting against the government's proposal to reduce emissions by halving the country's livestock. They have taken to the streets and blockaded roads using tractors. Against the backdrop of the protest, news of the fire led some to speculate it was caused intentionally and that the property belonged to Bill Gates. Billionaire Gates owns the largest farmland in the U.S. and is viewed by some with suspicion for supporting climate laws at the World Economic Forum.


In Fact: 

According to Dutch news reports, the fire began at a Picnic store in the eastern Netherlands on Sunday night. There is speculation that a short circuit might have caused the fire in an electric delivery van. The officials are investigating the cause and have not arrived at a conclusion.

Picnic, the new age online grocery store founded in 2015, is based in Amsterdam and has seven distribution centers across Europe. It employs an app-based delivery model that offers customers products at their doorstep using electric vans. 

Bill Gates is a lead investor in the company, providing 600 million in 2021 for store expansion. The funding came through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Trust. He has no controlling stake in the company and doesn't own the building. Gates has been the target of conspiracy theories for many years, with such speculation increasing during the pandemic and the World Economic Forum. Some conspiracy theorists believe Gates is a key player in the Great Reset, a one-world government comprised of billionaires and politicians looking to enforce authoritarian socialism on society and reduce the masses to serfdom. Logically has debunked these claims. Newsweek quoted Picnic spokesperson Martijn Koolhoven who denied that the store, gutted in the fire, was used to produce lab-grown meat.



The Picnic company is an online supermarket, and the building was used to store goods for delivery and does not produce lab-grown meat. There is no evidence that the fire was started intentionally. Though Gates has some financial interest in the company through his investments, he doesn't own the company or building. Hence, we have marked this claim as false.

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