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Rajasthan government passed a new law to safeguard mosques and madrasas.

The Rajasthan government has not made such a decision. Rajasthan Police and OSD Lokesh Sharma clarified that the viral post was fake.

A social media user shared a poster. The Government of Rajasthan has given Hindus a great gift by ruling on the Madrasa Masjid in a vital portion of the Indian Penal Code, bringing solace to the people of Alam-e-Islam. According to the viral post, the Rajasthan government has not made such a decision.

According to a tweet by Rajasthan Police on September 1, 2021, a message spread by nefarious groups to deceive the general people has been going viral on social media. This message is misleading and false. Please do not forward this mail to anybody else. Spreading false information can result in legal consequences.

In a tweet, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot's OSD Lokesh Sharma clarified that the information presented in the viral post as a fake, saying that action would be taken against those who spread false and misleading information in Rajasthan. He has asked people to avoid taking part in such propaganda.

According to the Legislative Department, there are no reports of such a bill being introduced or any such Act being enacted in the Rajasthan Assembly. In addition, the Rajasthan Devasthan Department website does not contain any new or updated laws.

According to Sections of the Public Property Act 1985, anyone who promotes a negative on social media can be imprisoned for three years for non-bailable offenses.

There are no credible news or official reports on viral posts. The government of Rajasthan has passed a new law to protect mosques and madrasas.

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