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I'm totally opposed to defunding the police. Trump's budget calls for a $400 million cut in local law enforcement assistance.

Trump’s budget proposal has cut police programs by $515 million, while Biden plans on investing in law enforcement.

President Donald Trump has repeatedly criticized Democrats for supporting defunding the police. However, it is Trump's budget proposal that calls for severe cuts in police programs. The Trump administration requested $1.51 billion for over 50 programs funding state and local law enforcement — a $515 million cut from previous fiscal years — in the Justice Department’s budget plan for 2021, an NBC fact check found. One of Trump's budget cuts included slashing $170 million for the program that subsidizes community police initiatives, Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS).

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s plan includes reinvigorating the COPS program with a $300 million investment. This came despite 50 liberal groups warning Biden he could lose black voters’ support and expressing disappointment with his to $300 million proposal, according to a June 2020 Reuters report.

Biden said that federal grants to police departments should incentivize reform efforts and best practices, while specific funding decisions should be made locally. He reiterated his position on defunding the police and said police departments need more help and assistance, in an ABC News interview in August. The former vice president wants to increase funding for mental health clinics, wants more federal oversight of police departments, and restrict military equipment sold to the police.

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