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COVID-19 vaccines cause intracranial hemorrhage.

There is no link between intracranial hemorrhage and COVID-19 vaccines. Fever, chills, fatigue, and cold are recognized side effects of the vaccines.


A recent Instagram post from the page "Youth Want Truth" published a video interview with American cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough. During the interview, Dr. McCullough talked about COVID-19 vaccine death rates allegedly increasing in Finland. According to Dr. McCullough, several people died due to intracranial hemorrhage after receiving their COVID-19 vaccines. The post's caption reads, "7,757 PEOPLE SUFFERED INTRACRANIAL HAEMORRHAGE OR STROKE WITHIN 28 DAYS OF INJECTION: Denmark, Norway, Finland. A legion of people who are now left neurologically devastated." Some of the hashtags used in the caption were: #notovaccination, #plandemic2022hoax, #vaxdamage, and more. 

In fact:

According to Cleveland Clinic, an intracranial hemorrhage is when there is bleeding between the brain tissue and skull or within the brain tissue itself. Intracranial hemorrhage is usually caused due to head trauma (a fall or accident), high blood pressure, or blood clots that travel to the brain. Symptoms include dizziness, weakness, headache, and seizures.

The commonly experienced side effects of COVID-19 vaccines are fever, cold, headache, fatigue, muscle pain, and chills as per Mayo Clinic. No medical organization has listed intracranial hemorrhage as a COVID-19 vaccine side effect. Since the rollout of the vaccine, there have been many social media posts that spread misinformation about the vaccine. Medical organizations and fact-checking organizations have debunked several such false claims. 

Dr. McCullough is known to spread COVID-19 misinformation. Logically and other fact-checking organizations have debunked his statements previously. In the video in question, Dr. McCullough mentioned he got his data from The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), a peer-reviewed medical journal. After thoroughly digging through JAMA's website, there were no reports on COVID-19 vaccine deaths related to intracranial hemorrhage.

In June 2022, The Lancet published a study that observed the relation between "thromboembolic events and hemorrhagic stroke following BNT162b2 (Pfizer) and CoronaVac vaccination”. A thromboembolic event or thromboembolism is when a circulating blood clot gets stuck in a vein causing an obstruction. It could cause a heart attack or stroke, according to Cleveland Clinic. The study observed, "A total of 5,526,547 doses of BNT162b2 and 3,146,741 doses of CoronaVac were administered. There were 334 and 402 thromboembolic events and 57 and 49 hemorrhagic stroke cases within 28 days after BNT162b2 and CoronaVac vaccination, respectively." The study concluded that the incidence of thromboembolic events or hemorrhagic strokes following vaccination is lower than that among SARS-CoV-2 test positive cases and recommended people to take COVID-19 vaccines. More people can lose their lives to coronavirus or develop severe health complications without the vaccines compared to the non-fatal risks posed by vaccines.

Logically did not find any data or reports by Finland's government or the World Health Organization (WHO) regarding deaths due to the COVID-19 vaccines. According to the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, as of August 16, 2022, 13.4 percent of the population have taken four shots of COVID-19 vaccines. According to WHO, as of August 15, 2022, there were 1,250,557 total confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Finland. 

The verdict:

Intracranial hemorrhage is usually caused by bleeding between the brain tissue and the skull. No medical organization has listed this as a side effect or cause of death due to any COVID-19 vaccines.

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