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Trump will resume presidency on March 4, 2021.

This is the latest conspiracy that QAnon followers embraced after Joe Biden's inauguration and the claim is baseless.

In the past few years, followers of QAnon have embraced and spread several conspiracy theories, with the new one being that former President Donald Trump will be sworn in as the President in March 2021. The claim is baseless.

According to Vice, this claim resounds those claims made by the sovereign citizen movement. This movement consists of a group of people "who believe they are not governed by the same laws as everyone else". “There was some crossover between QAnon and the sovereign citizen movement before, but I've seen sovereign citizen ideas about the United States being a ‘corporation’ become more popular within QAnon and beyond in January,” Travis View, a conspiracy theory researcher, told VICE News.

QAnon is a widespread conspiracy theory that claims Satan-worshipping Democrats, Hollywood celebrities, and billionaires run the world while engaging in pedophilia and human trafficking. In October 2017, the theory surfaced when an anonymous user put up a series of posts on the message board 4chan. The anonymous user posted as "Q", purporting to be someone with high-end military clearance in the Trump administration. These messages became known as "Q drops", which were often written in a cryptic style with slogans, pledges, and pro-Trump themes.

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