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Trump said that he regrets endorsing former ally Mitch McConnell.

Former President Donald Trump criticized Sen. Mitch McConnell and said he regrets having endorsed him during the 2020 elections.

Former President Donald Trump made a series of disparaging remarks on Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, in a statement issued on February 16, 2021. McConnell voted to acquit Trump in his second impeachment trial on the charge of inciting the January 6 insurrection at the US Capitol for constitutional reasons. However, he condemned Trump's role in the riots in a strongly-worded floor speech afterward.

In a statement released through his Save America leadership PAC (Political Action Committee) that was published by Politico, the former president criticized McConnell for not being grateful for Trump's endorsement in his 2020 Senate race against Democratic challenger, Amy McGrath. "My only regret is that McConnell ' begged ' for my strong support and endorsement before the great people of Kentucky in the 2020 election, and I gave it to him," he had said.

While McConnell voted “not guilty” in the impeachment trial, he has denounced Trump’s conduct leading up to the Capitol riot. During Trump's second impeachment vote, McConnell said, "There is no question former President Trump bears moral responsibility for provoking the events of the day." Once Trump's presidential term was over, the Senate had no jurisdiction over the impeachment. The Senate voted last on February 10, 2021, 55-45, to affirm its power that Trump's trial was constitutional and they were within their authority to proceed. McConnell voted against its constitutionality then.

Trump went on to say in his statement that McConnell is a "dour, sullen, unsmiling political hack," and that "if Republican Senators stay with him, they will not win again."

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