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Coins of uncertain origin with alien and UFO engravings were found in Egypt.

There is no credible evidence to prove that an alien-face-engraved coin was found in Egypt.

Many non-credible blogs and websites have published articles since 2016 about a coin found in Egypt that claimed to have an alien face on it. These reports described the face to have an enormous skull, sunken eyes, and thin cheeks. The coin is also said to have an engraving that reads "OPPORTUNUS Adest," which is supposed to mean "It will arrive in due time."

There is no description or image of the other side of the coin, its dimensions, weight, or approximate date in any of those articles. They claim that the coin is of an "alien source" and depicts the origins of unidentified flying objects (UFO). However, there is no official confirmation of such a coin's existence.

There are no archeological reports by Egypt's Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities or the local government about discovering such a coin. Conspiracy theory websites and non-credible sources have majorly circulated this claim.

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