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There has never been a causal study showing that antibody response to vaccination is synonymous with immunity.

It has been established that immunity can be achieved by introducing antibodies to the body through vaccination.

As the global response to COVID-19 picks up pace, early studies have shown that approved vaccines are highly effective at boosting immunity for at least six months after the second shot.

Vaccinations are widely regarded as the most efficient way to stop the spread and severity of infectious diseases. Vaccinations work by helping the body to build immunity to viruses by creating an antibody response, so the body can safely recognize and fight off infection.

Someone who has already contracted and recovered from a virus is also likely to develop natural immunity. This has led many to believe that the body's natural capability to create antibodies is more effective than vaccines. This is not the case. As the CDC points out, natural diseases can cause serious complications and can be fatal. While the vaccine can cause side effects like any other medical procedure, there are no reports of fatalities that have been directly attributed to the vaccine.

Furthermore, while most people who contract COVID-19 will develop antibodies, not everyone will. The exact figure for this is unknown and unpredictable. According to Public Health England, most people are protected from COVID-19 for approximately five months if they have already had the virus. Kings College London also found that naturally produced antibodies may wane over the course of three months, according to the BBC.

Meanwhile, the Vaccine Alliance reports that the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccines are 91 percent effective at providing immunity for six months after the second dose, while the Moderna vaccine is 94 percent effective.

As vaccination programs have been rolled out rapidly across the globe, it is not yet know how long immunity will last, but the Vaccine Alliance has said that the six-month mark is an important indicator of its overall effectiveness.

It is incorrect to suggest that there are no studies to show that vaccinations cannot cause immunity.

The COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to a lot of potentially dangerous misinformation. For reliable advice on COVID-19 including symptoms, prevention and available treatment, please refer to the World Health Organisation or your national healthcare authority.

The COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to a lot of potentially dangerous misinformation. For reliable advice on COVID-19, including symptoms, prevention, and available treatment, please refer to the World Health Organization or your national healthcare authority.

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