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Georgia House has passed a bill that limits voting access.

Republican Governor Brian Kemp signed Bill SB202 on March 25, 2021.

Bill SB202 proposes changes for mail-in ballot applications, voting by absentee ballot, and advance voting. It also empowers state officials to take over local election boards.

To confirm an individual's absentee ballots, the number of their identification card or driver's license number would be printed on the outer oath envelope. The number of mails in the drop-in boxes would also be restricted to not more than one ballot boxes for 100,000 people in every county, and the advance voting period would be shortened. There would also be a ban on providing food, water, or gifts to the voters in the line. Violating the rules would lead to heavy fines and punishments.

The bill was passed by the Senate on March 8. It moved to the House on March 9 and was passed to the Senate for amendment or Substitute on March 25. Later the bill was accepted and signed by the governor, and the act became effective on March 25.

After former U.S. President Donald Trump's team filed baseless suits against counties for election fraud and malpractices during the election 2020, counties have reformed their legislation laws.

According to Brennan Center for Justice, "thirty-three states have introduced, prefiled, or carried over 165 bills to restrict voting access." Countries such as Aziron, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Georgia have proposed restrictive policies. Georgia has proposed 11 bills.

In Georgia, there are other bills proposed under the same issue and are pending approval. The counties want a protected and fair election. So far, only one bill has become law.

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