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Trump claims China will 'do anything' to stop his re-election as coronavirus row escalates

President Trump's comment that China's mishandling of Coronavirus was an attempt to make him lose his election is baseless.

In an interview, President Trump insinuated that China's handling of the coronavirus and its effects in the U.S. were purposefully targetted to make him lose his upcoming election. While it is true that President Trump has 'claimed' that China and consequently the coronavirus will be responsible if he loses his election, there is no direct evidence that indicates that China's handling or mishandling of the virus was to target upcoming U.S. election outcomes. Moreover, there's no evidence that China has a strong preference for either candidate, and there's even some evidence that China preferred Trump to Clinton. Whether it was with Richard Nixon or Ronald Reagan, China’s leaders have historically seemed to display a degree of greater ease when dealing with Republicans.

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