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President Joe Biden tied the Medal of Honor backward on a Vietnam War veteran.

A clearer picture from the award ceremony shows that President Biden didn't tie the medal incorrectly.


A post on Facebook claims that U.S. President Joe Biden tied a Medal of Honor backward on a Vietnam War veteran. The user posted a blurred image of Biden securing a medal on the veteran, with a caption reading, "Biden puts the medal on backward. How dumb can ya get". It further reads, "Do you think the media would be ignoring a President putting a Medal of Honor on backward if it was Trump." The post's caption further reads "If I was (were) that veteran, I would (have) asked to either have the metal shipped to me or request that President Trump put it on in at Mar-a-Lago AS A STATEMENT." However, the claim made in the post is baseless.

In fact:  

When researching the keywords "Joe Biden," "Vietnam War veteran," and "Medal of Honor," we came across a YouTube video posted by PBS News Hour from the actual award ceremony held on July 5, 2022. The video's caption read, "President Joe Biden awards the Medal of Honor to four Vietnam War veterans." 

If we look at the 42-minute video carefully and pause it at 29 minutes, 1 second, President Biden can be seen tying the medal to the veteran Dwight Bridwell correctly and not backward. On reverse image searching a key frame of the video, we found a CNN report carrying a clear and magnified image of President Biden correctly tying the medal. 


The video and an enhanced, magnified picture of the ceremony show that President Biden didn't tie the medal backward as claimed. Therefore, we have marked this claim as false.  

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