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U.S. Republicans worry China might use TikTok to meddle in the presidential election.

In a letter Marco Rubio, Tom Cotton and other Republicans have asked the Trump administration to assess the threat posed by TikTok around US elections

U.S Republicans are ramping up pressure on the Trump administration to assess the threat that TikTok, popular Chinese-owned video-sharing app might meddle in U.S. elections. For reasons, lawmakers cited alleged censorship by TikTok of sensitive content, including a video critical of China's treatment of Uighur minorities and the alleged attempts by Beijing to manipulate political discussions on social media apps. Lawmakers are concerned that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) might use TikTok to amplify certain political views and conduct influence operations through the popular app.

This news comes after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo suggested that the U.S might ban TikTok. When asked if he would recommend downloading TikTok, Mike said, 'only if you want CCP to access your private information.'

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