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Some people tripped over the SUV door that hit CM Mamata.

The incident report mentioned that a vast crowd present during the CM visit. There is no evidence that 4 to 5 people fell on Banerjee's car door.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had alleged that 4-5 men attacked her in Nandigram on March 10, 2021; they pushed the car door while she was inside the car, and she suffered a neck injury and swollen leg. The incident occurred around 6:15 pm at Birulia Anchal Market, 5 km from Reyapara, where she had stopped the car to perform puja at a temple.

The Election Commission of India(ECI) had asked the Chief Secretary to submit the incident's report by March 13, 2021. The Indian Express reports that an official said that the West Bengal government's report to the ECI refers only to a vast crowd present in the spot. Still, there was no mention of 4-5 people in the area alleged by the CM, said the official. It also reports that there was no clear video footage to verify the incident.

TV9 Bharatvarsh interviewed several locals who claimed to have witnessed the entire incident. Narrating the incident, the eyewitness said Banerjee was greeting the crowd from her car. The moving car's open door hit a pillar, prompting the door to shut. They said the assertion that some people were involved in the incident is wrong. The locals said that Banerjee had police protection during the incident.

DD news reports that the ECI had ruled out the Bengal CM's allegation that she was attacked by some people based on the second report submitted by Election Observer and Chief Secretary of West Bengal. It further reports that EC removed top officials for failure to ensure security to the CM.

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