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partly true



Trump supports the new stimulus check introduced by senator Josh Hawley.

Senator Josh Hawley has claimed that Trump backs the stimulus bill, but Trump has not given a direct statement on the matter.

On December 10, Republican Senator Josh Hawley introduced the Emergency Direct Payments for Families and Workers Act, arguing the case for a second round of stimulus checks to qualifying Americans.

The second check plan would amount to $1,200 per individual, $2,400 per couple, and $500 per child. The proposal focuses on sending direct payments to the Americans for immediate relief. Back in March, the federal government sent out the first $1,200 stimulus checks earlier to millions of Americans as part of the $2.2 trillion CARES Act.

Hawley has claimed that Trump supports these proposals. In an interview with Fox News on December 13, Donald Trump showed his support for stimulus checks and urged Congress to give their support. He added he was pushing very hard to get a deal done. "Right now, I want to see checks – for more money than they're talking about – going to people," Trump said.

There have been no direct statements by Trump on his support for Haley’s Emergency Direct Payments for Families and Workers Act specifically. The bill is still in progress and has not been passed by Congress, but Trump's recent statement on Fox News shows that Trump may well support the bill, so we deem this claim partly true.

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