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Families in Leicester have been displaced and are unwilling to go back.

There is no evidence to suggest that several families have been displaced from Leicester.


A tweet from Nupur J Sharma, a conservative commentator in India, has gained over 10k likes and over 4k retweets. The tweet claims that families in Leicester have been displaced due to fears over the violence. It reads;

"I've been told by Hindu orgs in Leicester that several families (some say 200) have been displaced from Leicester and are unwilling to go back because they are scared of the violence by Islamists. Even if its 1 family displaced, it is a scathing indictment of @leicspolice"

In fact

Leicestershire Police replied to the tweet and the claims of displacement. In a tweet, they said;

"We are not aware of this. The area has been calm since Monday, 19 September, and our proactive policing continues to keep people safe. We have plans in place for upcoming festivals such as Navratri & Diwali. We would appreciate this being passed on to your Leicester contacts."

The claim from Nupur also does not mention which Hindu organizations were talked to. Additionally, there are no credible news reports that people have been displaced from Leicester. With the lack of news content and Leicestershire police stating they are not aware of any displaced people, there is no evidence people have been displaced.

The verdict

There is no evidence that families in Leicester have been displaced, with Leicestershire police stating they are unaware of any displacement. The violence in the area has calmed down, according to police, with no danger present in the area anymore. Therefore, we have marked this claim as false.

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