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Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden quit the presidential race in 1987 after he was found incorporating a British Labour Party leader's speech.

Joe Biden announced his withdrawal from the Democratic presidential primary race in 1987 after admitting plagiarising Neil Kinnock's speech.

Michael Stanley Dukakis's campaign secretly released a video during late 1987 in which Joe Biden was filmed repeating a Neil Kinnock speech with only minor modifications. Joe Biden's campaign ended due to such controversy. During an Iowa presidential debate held on August 23, 1987, Joe Biden plagiarized portions of a speech made by former British Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock (Video reference: 01:48:11 in the C-SPAN video on August 23, 1987). At the press conference held on September 17, 1987, Joe Biden also agreed that he had taken a part of Neil Kinnock's speech for the August 23 Iowa debate and that he would continue doing that (Video reference: 03:05 in the C-SPAN video on September 17, 1987).

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