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Norway asks its population to stockpile food and supplies and prepare for a possible emergency.

Norway's 2-year-old preparedness campaign's advice was revived in 2020 and it is misattributed to Norwegians being asked to stockpile food supplies.

In 2018, the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB) launched a campaign urging Norwegians to be prepared for a crisis. The DSB speculated about emergencies and accidents, alerted the consequences of catastrophic incidents, and how the country's people would deal with the situation. A significant event or crisis could affect society, and many people would need help. Additionally, the government asked every household to take some simple steps to improve their emergency preparedness.

The DSB said that the basic needs to be met in the first three days of any crisis are heating, drink, food, medicines, hygiene, and information. Many Norwegians have a good deal of what they need to defend themselves for a few days, so they may not have to do very much to be completely prepared, it states. If individuals have the essentials to survive independently for at least three days, they are equipped to get through most crises. Moreover, by staying self-sufficient for a few days, they allow those who need assistance the most to receive it first.

The document lists items all Norwegians should have in their homes in an emergency, promoting individual responsibility. DSB's campaign was aimed at self-preparedness in 2018. The campaign was a cooperation between the DSB and Oslo Municipality. Cecilie Daae, director of DSB, said the more citizens who can take care of themselves and help those around them, the better off they are as a society. Together Norwegians can be prepared. She also added that she doesn't want to scare Norwegians into thinking there are in a crisis or military conflict looms.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Norway reported 42,775 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 404 deaths. The Government of Norway has released its travel guidelines for people traveling to Norway from areas with high infection levels should spend ten days in quarantine after entry. Furthermore, travelers from red countries must present a negative COVID-19 test certificate when entering Norway.

Norway's emergency preparedness instructions are quite general and do not imply any crisis or military conflict issues. Instead, it urges its citizens to improve their emergency preparedness in case of crisis. However, the instructions were issued in 2018. There is currently no formal information from the Government of Norway to be prepared for a possible disaster.

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