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Queensland health ministry warned about Pfizer vaccines shortage.

Queensland's health minister warned that Pfizer vaccines may run out of stock and criticized the government for failing to deliver adequate vaccines.

Queensland's health minister warned that Pfizer vaccines may run out of stock and criticized the government for failing to deliver adequate vaccines.The press release from the Queensland government said the vaccination campaign was expanded on June 18 to allow anybody under the age of 60 to receive the Pfizer vaccine, as advised by the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (ATAGI). In Brisbane, two new Pfizer community vaccination locations had been opened in Kippa-Ring and Capalaba.

As Queensland's vaccination rollout program expanded eligibility, authorities cautioned on June 30 that Pfizer's stockpiles were running low. Health Minister Yvette D'Ath said that some facilities in Queensland, such as Sunshine Coast University Hospital, are expected to run out of Pfizer vaccine and send people away due to vaccine shortages. She expressed her disappointment at the federal government's inability to meet the growing demand for Pfizer vaccines in a tweet on June 30.

A three-day lockdown had been imposed across most of Queensland due to an unvaccinated COVID-positive healthcare worker traveling from Brisbane to North Queensland, the Age reports. D'Ath claimed that when Victoria was placed on lockdown three weeks ago, it was given an additional 100,000 doses, while Queensland was only getting 64,500 doses each week.

ABC News states, D'Ath said the director-general of health requested an additional 152,100 doses or an extra 130 trays of the Pfizer vaccine from the federal government on June 29, but the request was denied.

In July, they would receive an average of 64,500 Pfizer vaccinations per week and received 45,000 vaccines on June 29, 2021.

"Maybe this is why the Prime Minister has come out and suggested that under 40s get [AstraZeneca], but we have to act on the [Therapeutic Goods Administration] and [Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation's] advice in relation to that," D'Ath said. She also stated that they are approaching the point where they will have to start prioritizing only second doses if they run out of vaccines.

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