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North Korea leader Kim Jong-un has died after botched heart surgery.

A news release by the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs proves that Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un is alive and in authority.

A news release by the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs proves that Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un is alive and in authority.North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's health condition has remained remaining unconfirmed with various rumours and speculations that he could be dead. He has not appeared in public following his last appearance at a political bureau meeting of the ruling Worker's Party of Korea.

Tabloid news website TMZ reported that according to media outlets in China and Japan, Kim Jong-un is dead due to a heart surgery that went wrong.

The North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs press release dated 25 April 2020 shows that Kim Jong-un, Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea, received greetings of good health from G. A. Zyuganov, Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation on 24 April 2020. It also mentions the Russia-Korea summit held in Vladivostok on 25 April 2019 and that an agreement was reached on issues of expanding and developing the bilateral cooperation in various fields.

The Yonhap News Agency states that South Korea has not spotted any unusual signs in North Korea that may suggest a serious problem in leader Kim Jong-un's health. The statement came from Cheongwadae (Blue House) spokesman Kang Min-Seok as a response to multiple media reports that Kim had been hospitalized after his surgery. In the text message to reporters, he has added that they have nothing to confirm and there has been no unusual activity detected in North Korea.

Hence, it is proven that Kim Jong-un has not died after his surgery.

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