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Republican poll watchers were not allowed inside the counting centers.

A lawsuit by Trump's campaign claiming Republican poll watchers were not allowed during the counting of ballots was rejected as it was baseless.

A lawsuit by Trump's campaign claiming Republican poll watchers were not allowed during the counting of ballots was rejected as it was baseless.US President Donald Trump's campaign and its legal team have pursued several legal actions baselessly claiming widespread voter fraud during the presidential election.

On Nov. 4, 2020, Trump had filed a lawsuit stating that poll observers were not allowed to watch the vote count in Philadelphia, Michigan, and Detroit. According to Forbes, Trump alleged that his campaign had been denied access to observe any counting in TCF Center in downtown Detroit. However, The Detroit Free Press, a local news media, reported that 134 counting boards were set up. Each party was allowed one poll watcher per board. By Nov. 4 evening, 225 republican poll watchers were in the counting room and observing the process. Moreover, poll watchers were denied entry after the number of poll watchers from both parties had already exceeded the legal limit allowed in the room at one time. That is why those individuals were not allowed entry, and both Democrat and Republican poll watchers were not allowed to enter.

In Philadelphia, the Trump campaign complained its observers could not get a close look at mail-in-ballot envelopes to check the signatures. Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar denied the allegation made by the Trump campaign. Boockvar said, "In Pennsylvania, every candidate and every political party is allowed to have an authorized representative in the room observing the process.”

A Pennsylvania judge had granted the Trump campaign's request to observe Philadelphia poll workers as they process the remaining mail-in ballots on Nov. 5, 2020. The judge rejected it when they proposed to stop the vote count. On Nov. 6, 2020, Judge Cynthia Stephens issued formal order denying the Trump campaign's request to halt counting at Detroit, Specifically citing the lack of evidence and detail provided by the campaign.

Hence, Trump's allegations over poll watchers are baseless as his campaign has not provided any proof.

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