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Sardar Patel spoke of the Indian Muslims during a speech at Calcutta Maidan.

The video in which Sardar Patel is talking about Indian Muslims is true.

The video in which Sardar Patel is talking about Indian Muslims is true. The publishers Rajhans, Delhi have brought a book titled 'Sardar Patel The Working Of His Mind,' which is a collection of all his speeches. The Frontline also cites the same line from the book 'Sardar Patel: Muslims And Refugees' authored by P.N. Chopra and published by Konark Publication.

Sardar Patel was in his best elements whenever he spoke to large gatherings. In one of his speeches delivered on January 03, 1948, at Calcutta Maidan, Patel touched upon various topics. He addressed a large crowd of more than half a million assembled at the Maidan. Patel spoke of the controversy of the secular v/s Hindu state. He says there were 4.5 crores Muslims in India, many of whom helped in the creation of Pakistan. Patel felt their feelings or thoughts could not have changed overnight. He further adds that no one can doubt their loyalty, and they should search their consciousness rather than seek assurance from others.

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