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Youth and children are the most affected by the second wave of COVID-19 in India.

The data by the government shows that children below 15 years and young people below 40 are more affected by the second wave of COVID-19 in India.

The data by the government shows that children below 15 years and young people below 40 are more affected by the second wave of COVID-19 in India. India is currently going through the second wave of COVID-19. When the vaccines started to roll out, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare stated that vaccines should first be given to healthcare and frontline workers, and then to people above the age of 60 and comorbid people above 45. The vast majority of people are still vulnerable to COVID-19. The second wave of COVID-19 is affecting most children and young people, who have tested positive and are asymptomatic. As of April 19, 2021, statistical data by the National Centre for Disease Control of India shows that 26 percent of young people between 21-30 years were affected by COVID-19 and 22 percent between 31-40, but people above 60 years reported fewer cases. According to a report by The New Indian Express between February 15 to April 12, 2021, out of 16,824 confirmed new cases, 1,316 children, aged below 16, and 8,702 adults in the age group of 17 to 40 have been infected with the coronavirus. Several media outlets have quoted pediatricians around the country who advise parents not to ignore symptoms of their children like headaches, fever, and fatigue. In an interview with Hindustan Times, pediatrician Dr. Bakul Parekh, who runs a children's hospital in Mumbai, has admitted six children between the ages of 1-7. Three of them had severe gastrointestinal infections and fever, and others with breathlessness and fever in the month of April. Dr. Gitali Bhagawati, a consultant and head of the department of microbiology and infection control for Narayana Superspeciality Hospital told The Indian Express that the symptoms are diverse because of the mutation. "Apart from sore throat, high to low-grade fever, gastrointestinal symptoms (mainly diarrhea), neurological issues, etc. people are experiencing dry mouth (xerostomia), COVID tongue, an ulcer because of non-salivation. Children may also suffer stuffy or running nose and loss of appetite" Bhagawati said. Vaccines for children are still under trial, and it may take some time before it is tested and rolled out to the public. Till then, doctors and medical professionals are advising children to wear a mask and maintain social distancing. For people between 18-40 years of age who are diagnosed with the virus, are advised by the Ministry of Health, and Family Welfare to isolate for 14 days till the symptoms die down, as it would be harmful to visit a vaccination site.

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