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Three girls were found tied up in a field in Uttar Pradesh's Unnao.

In Uttar Pradesh's Unnao, three minor girls were found in an unconscious state, but it is unclear whether their hands and legs were tied.

In Uttar Pradesh's Unnao, three minor girls were found in an unconscious state, but it is unclear whether their hands and legs were tied.On Feb. 17, 2021, three Dalit girls aged thirteen, sixteen, and seventeen were found unconscious in the Unnao district. All three were admitted to the hospital, where two were declared dead by the doctor, while the sixteen-year-old girl is in critical condition and undergoing treatment.

The three girls had gone to the farm to collect fodder for cattle at around 3 pm, but they did not return, so family members started searching for them. The brother of the sixteen-year-old girl went out to the fields and spotted the three girls at around 7 pm. "I spotted my sister along with my two other cousins with their hands and legs tied,'' said the boy in his statement to the police.

Even family members of the girls insisted the hands and feet were tied up. However, one of the victims' mothers said their hands or feet were not tied when the girls were found. The police team that reached the spot first after being alerted of the incident said the bodies were not tied; also, the hands and the legs bore no such impression.

The deceased girls' father said scarves had been wrapped around the girls' necks when their bodies were found. Anand Kulkarni, the SP of Unnao, who confirmed the father's statement, said the scarf belonged to one of the girls. All three girls had foam coming out of their mouths. The police are suspecting a case of poisoning.

Kulkarni mentioned there were contradictions between the mother and brother's statements. The brother who initially had said the girls' hands and feet had been tied had withdrawn that statement. The mother indicated that the cloth was around their necks.

The police are considering the statements of people who were present at the scene. However, there is no credible report to verify whether the three girls had their hands and legs tied up when they were found, and many are providing contradictory statements. The information regarding the incident is subject to change as the investigation is ongoing.

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