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The extreme cold weather conditions in Texas are man-made.

Scientists are divided on whether the extreme cold weather conditions witnessed in Texas are natural or man-made.

Scientists are divided on whether the extreme cold weather conditions witnessed in Texas are natural or man-made.Texas has been reeling under extreme cold pressure as it witnessed intense snowstorms. It caused several deaths, disrupted water supplies, and knocked out the power supply as the infrastructure around natural gas, coal, nuclear, and wind energy froze.

Scientists have been trying to find the reason for icy conditions, which have battered Texas and some parts of North America. The extreme weather change was projected 2 months in advance. It is observed that the extreme condition called Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW) unfolded in the Arctic at the beginning of the year. Experts say that the rapid heating of the Arctic occurring at a faster rate disrupted the polar vortex around the north pole, which increases the movement of cold air towards the south side and enters warm areas like the southern U.S.

But there is no consensus among scientists over this phenomenon of Global heating causing warmer winters and record cold temperatures as some argue that the climatic condition has to be scrutinized. A study on Arctic ice melt mentions that the condition is due to a combination of human activity and natural climate fluctuations. Experts attributed up to 50 percent of the ice lost in the past 37 years to natural climate variables. EarthJustice, in its article, mentions that the spike in global temperatures is fueling climate disasters due to human activity and an increase in carbon dioxide, methane, and other greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, some researchers are skeptical about the connection between climate change and increasing extreme cold events.

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