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Streamer Vaush defended child pornography.

YouTube streamer Vaush has defended the consumption of child pornography.

YouTube streamer Vaush has defended the consumption of child pornography.In a widely-circulated video, which has since been removed, a YouTube streamer called Vaush argued that child pornography should be legalized, saying that purchasing child pornography is as easy as buying a computer. During a debate with YouTuber Vegan Gains, he stated that it should not be illegal to produce, sell, or possess child pornography. In the video, Vegan Gains asks Vaush if people not be held accountable for this kind of child exploitation. In response, Vaush claims that both slavery and child pornography are very exploitative. He then argues that it is impossible to go an entire life without making any purchases that are not exploitative and that nobody should be morally condemned for failing to live up to the standard of not supporting exploitation.

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