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Periyar EV Ramaswamy wanted to kill and burn the houses of Brahmins.

There is no evidence to verify the authenticity of the claim attributed to Erode Venkata Ramaswamy.

There is no evidence to verify the authenticity of the claim attributed to Erode Venkata Ramaswamy.E.V. Ramaswamy, popularly known as Periyar, was born in Erode in 1879. He joined the Congress party in 1919 but later left the party. He started his own Dravidar Kazhagam party. Periyar and his followers campaigned propounding rationalism. He launched the Self -Respect movement against untouchability and repudiation of women’s identical rights. He encouraged widow re-marriages and opposed child marriage.

Hagiography of EV Ramaswamy depicts that his thought revolved around his opposition to Brahminism. The book outlines that he attacked religion and the supremacy of the Brahmins. A per a Swarajya report, Periyar had said that the Hindu religion is responsible for the low social position of non-Brahmin groups and women. He also preached his supporters to burn the pictures of Nehru, Gandhi, and the Constitution of India. If all these methods fail to destroy caste discrimination, then his supporters should start beating and killing the Brahmins; should start burning their houses. There are audios of Periyar on circulation, in which he was giving instigation speech to people to kill Brahmins. However, the veracity of the audios cannot be verified.

Although his ideology was against the Brahmin community, there is no evidence to confirm that he wanted to kill and burn the Brahmins' houses.

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