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12.9 percent of COVID patients between the ages of 2-11 can experience symptoms for up to five weeks.

An ONS report showed that children between 2-11 years of age can have COVID symptoms for five weeks.

An ONS report showed that children between 2-11 years of age can have COVID symptoms for five weeks.Children can be infected with COVID-19. However, they appear to be less susceptible to infection than adults and their symptoms are generally milder.

The U.K.'s Office for National Statistics (ONS) has noted that 12.9 percent of children aged 2–11 years (and 14.5 percent of those aged 12–16 years) report symptoms that last five weeks. The symptoms range from fatigue and cough to headache, loss of taste, loss of smell, and sore throat.

These findings were reiterated in a Nature.com article.

Elsewhere, a study has shown that half of those aged between 6 and 16 years old who tested positive for the virus have at least one symptom lasting more than 120 days. This study is yet to be peer-reviewed.

Another study suggested that children do not tend to easily pass the COVID-19 infection to each other in the classroom and are more likely to get infected by the adults at home.

However, U.K. advocacy group Long Covid Kids has stated that children with long COVD-19 infection have increased and not even one child has returned to their previous health.

Furthermore, a study headed by researchers from the Department of Woman and Child Health stated that long COVID-19 might be more common in children than previously thought.

The COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to a lot of potentially dangerous misinformation. For reliable advice on COVID-19, including symptoms, prevention, and available treatment, please refer to the World Health Organization or your national healthcare authority.

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