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Alec Baldwin fired a prop gun on a movie set causing a cinematographer's death.

While filming a scene in New Mexico, actor Alec Baldwin shot a fake gun, which caused the death of the cinematographer and injured the director.

While filming a scene in New Mexico, actor Alec Baldwin shot a fake gun, which caused the death of the cinematographer and injured the director.Santa Fe New Mexican reported that Alec Baldwin killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza while filming a scene on October 21, 2021. The incident occurred on "Rust," an indie feature film shot south of Santa Fe at the Bonanza Creek Ranch. According to the report, cast and crew members of the film were inside a building at the Bonanza Creek Ranch when an assistant director grabbed one of three prop guns on a rolling cart outside, handed it to Baldwin, and yelled, "Cold gun," indicating the weapon didn't have any live rounds, according to a search warrant affidavit.

According to National Public Radio, the new documents provide a comprehensive account of the incident, based on interviews with sheriff detectives and members of the film team. According to the documents, Baldwin was rehearsing a part that required drawing a pistol and pointing it at the camera while sitting in a church pew on the film set. Souza told officers that Hutchins and Souza were looking at the camera angle. Souza was standing behind Hutchins when he was shot in the shoulder.

Further, the report stated that in his affidavit seeking a search request of the premises, Santa Fe Sheriff's Department Detective Joel Cano noted that Reid Russell's videographer "Was asked about Alec and the pistol and how he handled the firearm." Baldwin had been cautious, he claimed, and he mentioned a time when a sequence was being filmed earlier. When they were discharging a firearm during that scene, Reid stated Baldwin made sure it was safe and that no youngster was near him.

Baldwin also tweeted that there were no words to express his sorrow and anguish over the horrible occurrence that took the life of Hutchins.

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