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Facebook to revoke the news ban in Australia after the government makes amendments to the media code.

The new legislation proposed by the Australian government made the tech giants pay for the news content on their media.

The new legislation proposed by the Australian government made the tech giants pay for the news content on their media.On Feb 22, 2021, Facebook announced that it would restore the news content to its users in Australia. The social media giant said that the decision had been taken after both the Australian government and Facebook came to a consensus over the changes in the new media bargaining law. FB further said it was satisfied that the government "guarantees" to address its core concerns about "allowing commercial deals that recognize the value" the "platform provides to publishers relative to the value" it receives from them.

Australian Treasurer Josh Frydenberg told reporters in Canberra on Feb 23 that "Facebook has re-friended Australia," adding that Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg had told him the ban would end "in the coming days", the BBC News reported.

On Feb 18, Australians realized that access to news stories was blocked on their Facebook accounts. The tech giant argued that it was forced to block access to news on the platform in response to new legislation proposed by the government, making the tech giants pay for news content on their media.

As the tech giant blocked access to the news content for the users in Australia, it released a statement saying that the "law fundamentally misunderstands the relationship between our platform and publishers who use it to share news content." It further noted that this left the company with two choices, either to comply or to stop allowing news content on its services in the country.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the revocation decision came from Facebook after the Morrison government agreed to changes in its media-bargaining laws. The last-minute amendments allow Google and Facebook to avoid the code altogether after satisfying the government to have struck enough deals outside it.

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