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Connor McGregor called Floyd Mayweather a monkey.

There is insufficient evidence to conclude that Connor McGregor addressed Floyd Mayweather as a monkey.

There is insufficient evidence to conclude that Connor McGregor addressed Floyd Mayweather as a monkey.Irish professional mixed martial artist and boxer, Connor McGregor and American professional boxing promoter Floyd Mayweather are both UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fighters.

The duo had visited four cities in three different countries to hype their 2017 fight that was scheduled for Aug. 26, 2017.

In a heated conversation between the two during a press conference in Toronto, Floyd had used homophobic slang with F word as a fireback response to counter McGregor’s alleged racist comments for addressing the community as monkeys, when he asked his opponent to 'dance for me, boy'.

The UFC fighter had later responded to those allegations defending him about the comments and asserted that those comments were never passed by him and in turn accused Floyd of manipulating his statements according to his convenience.

The monkey remark supposedly happened when McGregor was not holding a microphone. It’s unclear if Floyd was referring to when McGregor called one of Floyd’s bodyguards a juicehead monkey.

Furthermore, Floyd, in his interview with ESPN, had again self-asserted that McGregor’s remarks had bothered him as it offended the whole community.

However, there is no certainty on which instance the comments were or whether the remarks were passed in real as there are multiple derogatory statements uttered by both the protagonists against each other.

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