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Mahatma Gandhi was beaten by General Jan C Smut in prison.

General Jan C Smuts, once an antagonist of Mahatma Gandhi, turned into an admirer while negotiating the 'Gandhi-Smuts Agreement' in 1914.

General Jan C Smuts, once an antagonist of Mahatma Gandhi, turned into an admirer while negotiating the 'Gandhi-Smuts Agreement' in 1914.Jan C Smuts and Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi negotiated the repressive policies applied against Indians in South Africa. In 1906, the first mass civil-disobedience campaign was organized by Gandhi called 'Satyagraha.' This campaign was against the South African Transvaal government's new restriction on the rights of Indians and the refusal to recognize Hindu marriages.

In 1913, the government imprisoned hundreds of Indians protesters along with Gandhi. Finally, after a failed attempt, the negotiation between Gandhi and General Jan Christian Smuts that included identifying Hindu marriages and the cancellation of a poll tax for Indians worked out into what today is known as the 'Gandhi-Smuts Agreement.'

When Gandhi left Africa in 1914, Smuts remarked, "The saint has left our shores, I sincerely hope forever." Gandhi also gifted Smuts a sandal he made before he left. Smuts returned them when Gandhi turned seventy-as a mark of friendship, saying, "It was my fate to be the antagonist of a man for whom even then I had the highest respect... he never forgot the human background of the situation, never lost his temper or succumbed to hate…"

In a memorial volume for Gandhi, Smut wrote that they fought their campaign in great spirit in South Africa. "There was no hatred or personal ill-feeling, the spirit of humanity was the atmosphere which kept the peace between the races for many years," reported the Hindustan Times.

Gandhi's non-violent ways influenced General Smut, and there is no mention of Smut ill-treating Gandhi or physically harming him anywhere. Therefore the claim is False.

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