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A man set fire the petrol pump in Haryana over rising fuel prices.

The footage of a man setting fire to a petrol station is not from Haryana; instead, it is from Iran, and a personal feud caused the incident.

The footage of a man setting fire to a petrol station is not from Haryana; instead, it is from Iran, and a personal feud caused the incident.Amid the rising fuel prices, a video has gone viral on social media stating that a guy in Haryana set fire to a petrol bunk. It's a hoax. Meanwhile, the event took place in the Rafsanjan gas station in Iran on June 10, 2021, due to a personnel dispute between the accused and station agents. There was no news or stories about a petrol bunk being set ablaze in Haryana or adverse happenings in India due to gasoline price hikes.

We found eNama, a video-sharing service based in Tehran, when we reverse searched the video fragments. Using magnifier tools to examine the video bits more closely shows that the number plate of the accused's vehicle does not match the Indian number plate format, and it was written in Persian.

In the footage, the emblem of the petrol bunk dispenser was also seen up close. The search results for the dispenser did not match any of the Indian gasoline businesses.

Young Journalists Club reports that on June 10, a person on a motorcycle set fire to a petrol station in Rafsanjan, said Colonel Aramoun, the head of the Rafsanjan police command. Investigation revealed that a personal dispute with the gas station agents was the reason behind the incident.

Even Boom Live, a fact checking organization, had contacted FactNameh, an Iranian fact checking organization, who informed them the hoarding in the background was of a carpet cleaning company called Setareh Kavir. The company's Instagram profile claims to be ''The first and only fully automatic carpet washing in Rafsanjan.'' (translated from Persian)

Because the event did not occur in Haryana's state, we assess this claim as false. Furthermore, the motorist set fire to a gas station, but rather than being upset by rising fuel expenses, some personal conflicts prompted this occurrence.

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