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Brazil is experiencing its worst drought in almost a century.

Due to sustained dry weather and a lack of rain, a severe drought of the last 91 years was caused in Central and Southern Brazil in 2021.

Due to sustained dry weather and a lack of rain, a severe drought of the last 91 years was caused in Central and Southern Brazil in 2021.In May 2021, Reuters reports Brazilian government agencies predicted droughts as the country faces its worst dry season in 91 years, nearly a century, raising fears of energy shortages, hampered hydroelectric energy production, and increased the chance of Amazon fires.

Following a prolonged drought that affected Central and Southern Brazil in the Paraná river basin, the Electricity Sector Monitoring Committee, affiliated with Brazil's Mines and Energy Ministry, requested that the National Water and Sanitation Agency (ANA) declare a water shortage.

The Agriculture Ministry's weather monitoring office issued its first emergency drought warning, forecasting that rainfall will be limited in five Brazilian states from June to September. Because Brazil is heavily reliant on hydro dams, the lack of rain in most areas significantly affects grain production, cattle, and energy generation.

Experts claim the dry weather could result in large fires in the Amazon jungle and Pantanal wetlands.

The New York Times states that an increasing drought harms Brazil's capacity to climb its troubled economy and could lead to another devastating fire season in the Amazon basin. Experts warn that the dry terrain, which has coincided with an increase in illegal deforestation in the Amazon jungle in recent months, might result in a disastrous fire season. In the wilderness, environmental rules are poorly enforced, and fire season often begins in July.

In a warning released in May, Brazil's National Meteorological System raised the alarm about the drought severity. According to the report, five states, including Minas Gerais, Goiás, Mato Grosso do Sul, Paraná, and São Paulo will experience persistent water shortages from June through September. Drier than typical weather has hampered sugar and coffee output in Brazil, the world's top supplier of both commodities, driving up futures prices.

Emergency Response Coordination Centre states the drought has a direct detrimental influence on agro-pastoralism, such as the ''crop and livestock production'' sector, which occupies a substantial portion of the affected territory.

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