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India has a universal healthcare system.

India's reformations to make healthcare available and affordable for all without any financial hardship is still in the implementation stage.

India's reformations to make healthcare available and affordable for all without any financial hardship is still in the implementation stage.Health indicators have been gradually improving, but health for all is yet to be achieved. India has a Universal Health Care (UHC) model, mostly administered at the state level.

The UHC stands for ensuring equitable access for all the citizens in any part of the country, regardless of income level, social status, caste, or religion, and gender. It intends to provide affordable, accountable, appropriate health services of assured quality. As such, it includes preventive, curative, and rehabilitative care. The UHC Day is celebrated on Dec. 12 every year.

India started an ambitious target of achieving UHC for all during the 12th Plan period. Everybody would be allowed to overall health security in the country. It would be required on the State to render sufficient food, appropriate medical care, safe drinking water, decent sanitation, education, and health-related information for good health. The State would be responsible for ensuring and guaranteeing UHC for its citizens. A High-Level Expert Group (HLEG) on Universal Health Coverage developed a framework for providing accessible and affordable health care to all Indians.

Currently, India is one of the countries and regions that provide public healthcare in Asia. India's significant challenge to achieving universal health coverage is to prevent diseases, achieving health promotion, and providing health care in a balanced manner. These challenges would need innovative public policies, strategies, and programs in many sectors. Development and implementation of a multisectoral approach to achieve sustainable development goals is the need of the hour. The establishment of a Public Health Commission would go a long way toward organizing various initiatives in the health and family welfare ministry, other relevant ministries, and sectors.

Policymakers viewed publicly-financed health insurance plans as a primary strategy for achieving UHC. The Indian government in 2018 launched Ayushyaman Bharat Yojana(AB-NHPM), which would provide all Indian citizens with insurance coverage for severe illnesses and free drugs and diagnostic treatments. India is still in the implementation stage and is committed to achieving universal health care for all its citizens by 2030.

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