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The chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA has endorsed Joe Biden.

Bob Avakian urged people to vote for Joe Biden to effectively vote Trump out. He did not explicitly endorse Biden.

Bob Avakian urged people to vote for Joe Biden to effectively vote Trump out. He did not explicitly endorse Biden.Bob Avakian is a political activist who has been the Revolutionary Communist Party leader, USA (RCP) since 1975. Avakian developed the organization's official ideology and a theoretical framework rooted in the new synthesis of communism, popularly referred to as the new communism.

On Aug. 1, 2020, Avakian published an article addressing the current moment in America, the nature of the Trump-Pence administration, the issue of fascism, the urgency of mass non-violent protest, the role of the elections, and the ongoing need for a revolution to bring down the present system. In that, he demands people to protest to stop the Trump/Pence administration. To use all appropriate means to work for the removal of this government, and people must vote against Trump. He added that this does not mean to vote for a candidate who has no chance of winning but voting for the Democratic Party candidate, Joe Biden, to vote against Trump effectively.

Different reports were published, implying that Avakian is endorsing Biden. However, that is misleading.

In response to one of the articles, Larry Everest published another article on Aug. 18, stating that Avakian is not supporting him. The whole statement is focused on the risk Trump-Pence pose to the world. Bob focused the point by quoting, "The situation today holds truly unprecedented and momentous challenges, with profound implications not only for the people in this country but for all of humanity." Larry continued that there is no point made that Biden is better than Trump, or bringing down Trump/Pence is an essential element in preparing for an actual revolution.

In September, Avakian released three articles stating voting is not enough to bring down the Trump/Pence regime. In his first article, he said that the fight's focus was against injustice and oppression and the fascism of the present regime. In the second article, he focussed on his point of voting for Biden was only to could create better conditions for continuing to wage the struggle against everything represented by the Trump/Pence administration and all the oppression and injustices of this system, and would be a great gift to the people of the world.

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