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UPA government offered 500 crores to KK Muhammed to deny the existence of the Ayodhya temple beneath Babri Masjid.

Muhammed has not made any statements admitting he was offered money to refute the Ayodhya fact, and no mainstream media has reported on the incident.

Muhammed has not made any statements admitting he was offered money to refute the Ayodhya fact, and no mainstream media has reported on the incident.On social media, the assertion that the United Progressive Alliance(UPA) government offered KK Muhammed ₹500 crores to deny the presence of the Ayodhya temple beneath the Babri Masjid is being circulated. Eagle Eye, the Twitter account, initially claimed it.

Former archaeologist Muhammed, who was part of the initial excavation team at Ayodhya in 1976-77, had stated substantial archaeological evidence proves that the temple existed beneath the Babri Masjid. During the first excavation in 1976-77, Muhammed worked under prominent archaeologist B.B.Lal.

Lal stated unequivocally that the crew had obtained several temple relics, refuting some historians' claim about in 1990 that ''no temple remains were found in the excavation,'' reports The Times of India. Muhammed was a deputy superintending archaeologist based in Chennai at the time. He issued a press statement in a letter to the editor in a national newspaper. He claimed to be the only Muslim who took part in the investigation, which uncovered several temple relics. The second excavation was undertaken in 2003, as directed by the Allahabad High Court's Lucknow bench.

News18 reported that although Muhammed was told he would be suspended for disclosing the information, he responded in Sanskrit, "Lokasamgramevapi Sampasyan Kartumarhasi. Swadharme nidhanam shreya," according to JNU faculty member Anand Rangananthan. The Sanskrit line translates to ''I spoke the truth. Death is preferable while on duty.''

It also reports that in many lectures, Muhammed criticized the Left for rejecting the existence of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya. But he makes no mention of being paid to refute the findings of the Ayodhya excavation. In 2019, when Muhammed's name was announced as a Padma Shri awardee, he received many comments praising him for "speaking the truth."

We conclude that there is no evidence that the UPA government attempted to provide the archaeologist ₹500 crores. There is also no indication that he rejected the offer.

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