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A video shows two boys singing the title song from the Ramayana serial on a U.S. television show.

A 2014 video of two boys singing a rap song against bullying on Britain's Got Talent was edited to appear as though they were singing a Ramayana song.

A 2014 video of two boys singing a rap song against bullying on Britain's Got Talent was edited to appear as though they were singing a Ramayana song.A video of two boys performing on a talent show has gone viral, with the assertion that they were singing the title song of the Ramayana, a television series based on the ancient Indian Sanskrit epic Ramayana that aired in 1987. The caption, along with the video translated from English, says that in an American show like Indian Idol, two American kids sang the title track of the Ramayana serial. However, the video has been manipulated, and the claim is false.

After watching the viral video, we noticed the logo of "Inshot," a video editing tool. By undertaking a reverse image search on key frames from the viral video, we were able to find the original footage of the performance on YouTube. The original video, titled "Bars & Melody - Simon Cowell's Golden Buzzer act," is eight minutes and 32 seconds long and was uploaded on the reality show Britain's Got Talent's YouTube channel in May 2014. Contrary to the captions in the viral posts, the video depicts a performance on Britain's Got Talent, a UK-based reality show and not a U.S. reality show.

At the beginning of the video, the boys introduced themselves as Charlie and Leondre, and at the 1:12 mark, Leondre says the song they'll be singing is “Hope” by Twista and Faith Evans, with lyrics re-written by the boys to convey an anti-bullying message. In the original video, Charlie starts singing the song about 2:40 into the video, and the performance lasts until 5:05. The ''Inshot'' watermark does not appear on the footage. It is apparent that the video posted to social media has been edited to include the Ramayana song.

We also found a 2014 News.com.au report stating that then-teenagers Charlie and Leondre's performance on Britain's Got Talent received a ‘’standing ovation’’ from the audience and judges. We then located the song that was used in the social media posts, ''Hum Katha Sunate'', on YouTube, a hymn from the Ramayana series. The title song from the series is in fact called ''Sitaram Charit Ati Paavan", and does not feature in the social media post.

We conclude that the performance video of Charlie and Leondre had been edited to falsely claim that the two boys sang a Ramayana title song.

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