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Chef Jamie Oliver won a court case against McDonald's, proving that the fast-food giant's food is unsafe.

Chef Jamie Oliver called ammonia-processed beef unfit for human consumption, but he never initiated legal action against McDonald's.

Chef Jamie Oliver called ammonia-processed beef unfit for human consumption, but he never initiated legal action against McDonald's.In 2021, several social media posts stated that McDonald's had lost a legal battle with chef Oliver, who claimed that the food they offer is dangerous and unfit for human consumption. Ammonia hydroxide, a chemical used by restaurant chains to wash the fatty sections of beef, is at the core of the purported legal conflict. The posts claim McDonald's used ammonia-tainted beef, which Oliver sued and won, forcing the fast-food giant to change its practice. But, this is fake news that attempts to decontextualize a 2011 incident.

There has been no reference to a legal issue between McDonald's and Oliver in the media. Oliver's show, "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution," criticized beef processing with ammonia hydroxide, which was used by Mcdonald's before 2012.

In 2012, a CBS YouTube video included a snippet from Oliver's Food Revolution demonstrating how meat portions are washed with ammonium hydroxide to kill bacteria before being used in burgers. In the episode, the meat is referred to as "pink slime." Oliver declares that the meat is unfit for human consumption in the clip. Later, he alleges, a product meant for dogs was provided to humans after being cleaned with ammonia.

The video also mentioned that McDonald's issued a statement stating that ammonia-washed beef would no longer be used in their burgers. The corporation claimed its decision was "was not related to any particular event." The original McDonald's statement no longer appears to be available on the company's website. However, the frequently asked questions section claims that its beef patties are manufactured from "100 percent pure beef."

McDonald's ceased using ammonia-processed beef around a decade ago. Moreover, there are no reports that Oliver and McDonald's were involved in a court battle that forced them to change their practice. Hence, we evaluate this assertion to be false.

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