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Cash and gold worth crores of rupees seized from DMK leader MK Stalin's daughter's house.

A set of old and unrelated photos is circulated with a false claim connecting it with the Income-tax raid on MK Stalin's daughter's residence.

A set of old and unrelated photos is circulated with a false claim connecting it with the Income-tax raid on MK Stalin's daughter's residence.The Income Tax (IT) department conducted a series of raids against DMK leaders, including MK Stalin's daughter Senthamarai's residence just before the 2021 assembly elections were held in Tamil Nadu. Following the raids, several posts on social media claimed that a large amount of cash and gold was recovered by the sleuths at MK Stalin's daughter Senthamarai's house. However, doing a reverse image search, we found that the images do not have any link with the recent raids conducted in Tamil Nadu.

The first image with loads of ₹ 2000 notes in a box is from Telangana's Khammam district after police had nabbed five people for printing fake currency notes. ANI had published a tweet with pictures of the now-viral photos on November 2, 2019.

Similarly, we found the other viral images of gold and cash are from a raid conducted in July 2018 by the Income Tax department in 20 locations of SPK company in Madurai, Aruppukkottai, Vellore, and Chennai.

Further, an old image taken after the IT officials conducted a search operation at a cement warehouse in Vellore is used in the fake social media post. TOI had reported on April 2, 2019, that 11.5 crore rupees were hidden in gunny bags and cardboard boxes. Also, an image taken during a raid in Karnataka published in a news report in December 2011 is used to spread false news that money was confiscated at the DMK leader's house.

Moreover, the IT department has not released any official report on the money or valuables seized during the recent raids. Thus, it is evident that the images shared on social media are in no way related to the IT department raids conducted in 2021 on the DMK leaders.

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