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Enterprise Risk Intelligence

Protecting brands and assets from misinformation threats

The Situation

The content landscape has changed. Brands now face an unprecedented level of risk posed by the accelerated spread of misinformation and disinformation.


Threat actors use social media and networks to propagate deceptive narratives and wreak havoc on a company's operations. Moving fast to conspire against companies, they can target systems, people, and places of work.

The Solution

Logically provides critical intelligence and insights into how your company is being spoken about across the internet. We can warn you of risks to your brand, people, and physical assets.

Logically Intelligence
Logically Intelligence

Our flagship threat intelligence platform.


Automated Threat Detection

Addressing threats at scale and speed is essential. Combining advanced AI with our expert team of analysts, Logically covers countries and languages at unprecedented speed, monitoring millions of pieces of content to identify and analyze threats at scale.

Real-Time Risk

Our extensive monitoring and analysis tools give you fast and actionable insights into threat vectors and malicious actors. We quickly evaluate your organization's most critical threats, enabling you to respond to risks before they cause harm.



Delivering early-warning alerts of risks to your brand, people, and physical assets, we offer 24/7 operational support, as well as access to our world-class OSINT expertise, fact-checking, and investigative capabilities.

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